Friday, August 25, 2006

I Don't Want To Process Anything Bought or Sold...

The process for the 2006 Apples Project will work as follows:

  • Step One - Starting this month (August), participants are receiving one e-mail per day (4-5 per week), each with 3 categories for nominating. Each Apple Picker can nominate up to 7 games in each category. Nominations will be open for 10 days.
  • Step Two - Once I've had a chance to compile the nominations, final voting will begin. The top ten nominees will be included, plus the eleventh place game IF it is only one point away from making the top ten. This time, participants will choose their top 5 games in each category. Again, there will be a ten day time limit.
  • Step Three - With the final results tabulated, I'll publish them here on the Apples Project blog for your discussion/irritation/whatever.



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