Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Two Weeks + A Few Days

Here's the latest update on the Apples Project:
  • We've almost completed the nomination process for 24 different categories - from the "best games of Klaus Teuber" to the "best action/dexterity games" to the "most innovative games."
  • We're 24 hours away from voting results in our first category - the aforementioned Klaus "I designed Settlers of Catan and could comfortably live off of the royalties for the rest of my life" Teuber. Those will be posted right here at The Apples Project Blog - tell your friends & gaming buddies to fire up the RSS feed and join in the fun!
  • We've taken a bit of a hiatus due to the Labor Day holiday weekend here in the states... we're just getting started again today with the next round of voting.

I've had questions about who's on the Apple Picking Crew this time around - the short answer is that nearly everybody from the 2002 crew is back (with a few sad exceptions) and we've added another 20+ folks to the team.

Pithy Quote of the Day, courtesy of Craig Berg:

Wow! I put a lot of thought into that list. I'm like a genius...only not as smart!



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