Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fillers - 15 to 30 minutes


Blogger Kevin_Whitmore said...

These are some good games.

Blokus is interesting. It's an abstract game that appeals to folks who otherwise are not abtract game fans. This is true for me, and I've found this to be the case with many of my friends. The colorful pieces are attractive, the rules are simple, and the game is short - making this a viable choice for playing with almost anyone.

Can't Stop is a nice game that has enjoyed popularity in the USA since the Parker Brother's iconic Stop Sign edition was released in 1979. The nice mix of luck and important decisions makes this a fun game.

Crokinole is expensive. And if you find it cheaply, you will likely dislike the game. Crokinole is a game to be enjoyed on a deluxe hardwood surface. Cheapo boards ruin the experience and are to be avoided. One of the nicest boards I ever played on was a "Pichenotte" game featuring billiard cloth-lined gutters and a deluxe cherry wood deck. Impressive, and impressively priced at about $500. For my own board about $150 bought a nice hardwood board (but no billiard-clothed gutters, alas).

Liar's Dice/Bluff/Call My Bluff is a raucous game of making noise and talking smack. It has its moments, and can have a "just one more" allure to it. But much of the fun is brought to the table by the players.

San Juan is a good card-version of Puerto Rico. I'm not sure I could play it in 30 minutes or less. I like it, but I admit I like the other four winners a bit more.

All good games, and any one of these games I will happily play upon request.

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Blogger huzonfirst said...

It's a double play! Can't Stop plays in both under and over 15 minutes! I guess it plays in *exactly* 15 minutes!

Okay, I can't complain because I picked it in both categories. I thought it might get votes in both places and I guess I was right.

That small anomaly aside, this is quite a good list. My first two choices, San Juan and Can't Stop, are both there, as is Blokus. (And I agree with Kevin about Blokus--it's an abstract that seems much lighter and more fun than the usual abstract.) Crokinole is great as well, but I just don't think of it as a filler. (Of course, I don't really think of San Juan as a filler either, but who ever said I was consistent? It only takes 30 minutes or so and it's a great game.) I don't do bluffing, so I don't do Liar's Dice.

My other two final picks were Tutankhamen and Klunker.

There was a remarkable disconnect between my nominated games and the ones chosen. Despite the fact that TWENTY-EIGHT games were selected, one ONE of my seven nominated games made it! That's hard to do even if you're trying. I still stand by my picks, though: San Juan, Get the Goods, Schnappchen Jagd, Quo Vadis, Mogul, Too Many Cooks, and Don. Most of the games that were chosen are okay, but not really personal favorites. Many of the ones I do like, such as the ones I wound up picking and games like Money, I consider shorter games. I also made a point of leaving out two-player games (otherwise, I might have chosen two-players exclusively); that's why I didn't support Roma, which I like a lot.

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