Thursday, September 07, 2006

How To Read The Results

In each category, we'll list 5 (or more) games which were voted the best games in that particular grouping. (There might be more than 5 games if there was a tie for the 5th spot.) These games will be listed in alphabetical order. The cover of the game with the most votes will "decorate" the entry.

Then, if a game missed the top 5 by only one vote, we'll list it as "just missed" so you can see how close it was to being "in the money."

Finally, the other nominated games will be listed in alphabetical order. In the rare event of a nominated game receiving no votes, I will note that as well.

I'll also post the top 5 from 2002 (if we had that particular category in 2002) for comparison purposes.

As well, I'll note any preferences that the Apple Pickers had when we lumped games together for voting purposes. (For example: which version of Ticket to Ride they like best...)

I will not be listing vote totals for any of the categories - it just gets too messy & hard to read. I may list a particular vote total if a particular game garners an amazingly high vote total.



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